1. 6 weeks ago

    This film begins with a jungle which fades into a children's play about the history of Zootopia. If you're buying a fun kid-picture and don't mind the potty humor, the suggestively-dressed, dancing creatures (think about the means Bugs Bunny dresses with a skirt and coconut bra on occasion), or the references to pagan religions, then this movie is for you.

    [img]http://media1.picsearch.com/is?fb4XN61ydw0AVWX-FvILxB_b4wAIjZrBsZco2BCCv54 where animals live Zootopia" isn't a city, it's fairly a city that animals constructed, using collective life lessons that instructed them that everybody matters, and that everybody can indeed live together in peace.


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