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    -image-Lexus has attained a well-deserved reputation for turning out sophisticated luxury vehicles absolutely. The hallmarks of the brand are a quiet, well-crafted cabin, a plush ride and commendable performance from powerful, silent engines nearly.

    Lexus started out out of any desire by father or mother company Toyota to make a world-class luxury car brand. Groundwork for Lexus was laid in the middle-1980s, when the ongoing company started out tapping U.S. focus organizations so that they can define design ideas suitable for American consumers. A huge selection of prototypes were built and examined on Germany's autobahn and on U.S. streets.

    In early on 1989, the business presented its first two models (which would debut for the 1990 model yr) -- the entry-level Ha sido 250 sedan and the flagship LS 400 sedan. The LS 400 was lauded by both journalists and consumers for supplying a stellar luxury-car experience as well, with Cargo van an amazingly silent cabin, superb construction and a processed V8 engine. At exactly the same time, the LS was costed less than smaller noticeably, lesser-equipped, six-cylinder Western rival luxury sedans.

    By the first 1990s, Cargo van the Lexus brand was extended to other marketplaces, including the BRITISH, Australia and canada. More models were put into the lineup, like the SC 300 and SC 400 coupes and the brand's first luxury performance sedan, the GS 300. By decade's end, the business acquired added SUVs (by means of the LX 450/LX 470 and RX 300) and possessed sold greater than a million vehicles in the U.S.

    The first ten years of the 2000s noticed Lexus showing itself a tendency setter with the introduction of several hybrid-powered variants of its vehicles including the RX 400h and the GS 450h. And by 2011, Lexus even launched a world-class supercar, the LFA.

    In the entire years since its inception, the Lexus brand has recognized itself over and over in quality and trustworthiness studies. The brand's vehicles might not exactly offer all the passion as some Teutonic rivals, but also for drivers enthusiastic about vehicles that emphasize quality, comfort and dependability, the Lexus marque is hard to beat.

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